Be Courageous ,the thing you do best




We can.We are able to overcome everything ,no matter how bad it is or how much time it cost to us to feel better again. It’s true ,because this is our own nature ,our an instinct of self-preservation .

No matter how long it will last ,we can endure almost forever . Everyone can overcome their bad childhood or worse teenage high-shcool years ,but the point it’s not about that,it is about the cost and the courage we have to do this.

Let’s be honest , when something really bad happens to us ,so bad that we think that it is not possible to get worse ,we feel numb and infinite emptiness inside .As if we are moving in a slow motion ,but the world around us is its highest speed ,and everything we want is to go back in time and change everything .This happens everytime ,but the very first time is the worst .

The main reason for that is the fact we are unprepared (for the worst) .Our parents teach us how to draw,and read,tell us that the world is a lovely beautiful place ,teach us how to be a good ,well-mannered and kind ,but nobody tell you how to overcome the ‘”black destructive ” moments in our live . Of course ,there is specific reason for that . Since these moments are ours ,nobody can suffer like us,and nobody can takes enoght courage not to give up on this.


We are brave .Leon-hearted .Tenacious.Courageous .

Because that the best we can do!

To survive.

The Doctor Who-beginning


Background information 

The first time when I heard about Doctor Who , the question that came up in my mind was “Who is the Doctor?”

Well,nobody knows for sure . But the Doctor thravel throughout space with his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) which actually is a blue British police box ,and explores the universe and beyound .

Earliest stories and novels :

For the very first time The Doctor appeared in the official BBC Doctor Who annuals between 1964 and 1985 ,actually The Doctor Who and the invasion from space ,novella (45 pages) was published in 1966 and it is known as earliest long-prose Doctor Who adventure .

Between 1973 -1990s different publishing houses published variety of short stories about the Doctor (Radio Times (1973);(1983); Target Books (1979) -the first original Doctor Who related fiction )

The first television broadcast spin-off atempt to introduse The Doctor appeared in 1981 ,which was 50 minutes pilot episod named “K-9 and Company “(by the way K-9 was a robot dog) .

The first Doctor :William Hartnell ,who played the character from 1963 to 1966 .



by William Hartnell

I was so pleased to be offered Doctor Who. To me kids are the greatest audience – and the greatest critics – in the world.It may seem like hindsight now, but I just knew that Doctor Who was going to be an enormous success. Don’t ask me how. Not everybody thought as I did. I was universally scoffed at for my initial faith in the series, but I believed in it. It was magical.Before the part came along I’d been playing a bunch of crooks,sergeants, prison warders and detectives. Then, after appearing in THIS SPORTING LIFE, I got a phone call from my agent. He said, “I wouldn’t normally have suggested you work in children’s television, Bill, but there’s a sort of character part come up that I think you’d just love to play.”

My agent said the part was that of an eccentric old grandfather-cum-professor type who travels in space and time. Well, I wasn’t that keen, but I agreed to meet the producer.Then, the moment this brilliant young producer Miss Verity Lambert started telling me about Doctor Who, I was hooked. I remember telling her,”This is going to run for five years.” And look what’s happened!We did it forty-eight weeks a year in those days and it was very hard work. But I loves every minute.You know, I couldn’t go out into the high street without a bunch of kids follwing me. I felt like the Pied Piper.

People really used to take it literally. I’d get letters from boys swotting for O-levels asking complicated questions about time-ratio and the TARDIS. The Doctor might have been able to answer them – I’m afraid I couldn’t! But I do believe there is life on other planets – and they know there’s life here but don’t have the technology to get through.Doctor Who is certainly a test for any actor. Animals and children are renowned scene-stealers and we had both – plus an assortment of monsters that became popular in their own right. Look at the Daleks. They started in the second series and were an immediate success.

At one time (in late 1964) I thought we might extend the series and Isuggested giving the Doctor a son and calling the programme The Son of Doctor Who. The idea was for me to have a wicked son. We would both look alike, each have a TARDIS and travel in outer space. In actual fact,it would have meant that I had to play a dual role when I `met’ my son.But the idea was not taken up by the BBC so I dropped it. I still thinkit would have worked and been exciting to children.

Memories? There are so many. There was the occasion when I arrived at an air display in the TARDIS and the kids were convinced I had flown it there! On another occasion I went by limousine to open a local fete. When we got there the children just converged on the car cheering and shouting,their faces all lit up. I knew then just how much the Doctor really meant to them.


William Hartnell, the man that the Daleks could not kill, died
on April 24, 1975, at the age of Sixty-seven. The proceeding essay
were qoutes that he gave between 1963 and 1975.

The knights templars ,the rosencrantz,Shakespear and the holy grail











While I was reading Foucault’s Pendulum (by Umberto Eco) I was really fascinated at the same time confused about the story of the knights templars and the rosencrants . It’s not the first time when I heard all of that in the same time but the correlation between all this events and the holy grail were ambiguous to me .I was really impressed when I ‘d found that the Shakespeare was involved in this legend . (or it is considered that…nobody knows for sure).

So , I quoted here the information which I ‘ve found about the presumable correlation between Shakespear,the templars and the holly grail.

After the first publication of Hamlet in 1603, rumors about Shakespeare’s hidden code spread through inner circles of the monarchy, reaching Queen Elizabeth I.

Intrigued by the reference to a secret passage in the Bible which described the hiding place of the Holy Grail, she entrusted the revival of the Grail Quest to her personal astrologer, Jon Dee.

A few months later, the Queen died without properly naming an heir and King James of Scotland ascended to the English throne. Curiously his first act as King was to set about publishing a new version of the Bible, which omitted the secret passage and came to be known as the famous KING JAMES BIBLE.

Still searching for the Grail in her majesty’s name, Jon Dee discovered the manifestos written by Valentin Andrae, which explained that the Grail symbols – the Rosy Cross and the Golden Stone, – referred to real men named Rosenkreutz and Goldenstone who possessed a document that would break the code in the bible.

Before he could return to England with this knowledge, Jon Dee became ill and died, and his diaries mysteriously vanished.

Soon after this, Andrae recanted the manifestos, saying he had made up the whole story: that Rosenkreutz and Goldenstone had never existed.

Why did the trail suddenly go dark and who was behind this cover up?

Our sources suggest that ROSENKREUTZ AND GOLDENSTONE themselves had pulled down the curtain, because they had never intended for their secret to get out. The spreading awareness of the Grail conspiracy had become a threat to their existence, and had forced them into hiding.

Popular theories that the Grail is a metaphor for the bloodline of Jesus Christ are based on two facts: First, that the Old French translation of Holy Grail “san greal”, can be written as “sang real,” which means royal blood and second, that throughout history, the grail has been associated with two symbols: the rose and the cross.

Grail hunters look for clues like red crosses, like those worn by the Templar knights, and places named Roseline. Some have looked to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland as the burial place of the grail.

But what most have overlooked is that if Jesus was poor, as history suggests, than he would not have had a golden chalice at the last supper. Why then, is the grail portrayed as gold, unless the golden metal itself was part of the entire symbol?

True clues to burial place of the Holy Grail are revealed when the two symbols are united: the Rosy Cross and the Golden Stone.

It would make sense then to assume that Shakespeare was encoding these symbols in the names, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but in reality, the symbols were chosen as clues to the names of the two real men who knew about the secret burial place of the Grail.

Which explains why the events in Hamlet took place at Elsinore castle, an anagram for Roseline and why Ophelia, whose name in old English, means Golden Beauty, was chosen as the guardian of a secret document that uncodes a cryptic passage in the Bible which reveals the hidden location of the Holy Grail.


That’s right I am going to talk about the British teenage show “Skins” . (YES,i am 23 years old but this fact doesn’t stop me to watch some things such as Skins ,Misfits or Doctor who) .

Never mind , in my opinion every teenager(actually it is not only for the young adults ,but for you ,dear parents,too) should watch skins ,this show is just brilliant and extremely fascinating .I strongly recommend it to all of you .

First of all, this show is considered as a drama ,and for good reasons . It depicts the normal teenage life (with all colourful emotions , all kind of attitudes ,with variety of different tempers) .It is really fascinating for you to follow this great variety of emotions how they clarify and express the personality of the teens .
From psychological point of view , it demonstrates the comprehensive world’s perceptions of these kids .

Let’s give you some background information.The show consists of 3 seasons (and every season includes 1 generation ) and consequently 3 generations .Each season consist of 2 parts (first part engage 8-9 episodes it depends on the character’s numbers and second part consist of the some number of episodes )approximately 16-17 episodes for season.

The first part depicts every character and provides background information for her/him (where he/she lives ,family, interests and so on), whereas the second part engage in itself the development and growth of the personality of the kids . (in other words ,the decision for paramount importance , the phase child convert into adult and the hardest part-maturity .
Secondly , I want to emphasize on the fact that this show is really useful for you,parents . Because it provides information which can be  handy tool in your better understanding of your children . That is due to the fact the this show entirely and completely in-depth , shows the reality from the point of view of the teens . But don’t get me wrong ,don’t make a stereotypes on your children based on the character from the show.(NB! FOR YOU,PARENTS :Don’t ever tell your child that you watch Skins ,it’s bad idea! It’s not cool!Really!!!)

Last but not least, why kids so much love Skins? The answer is conspicuously clear,because they identify themselves with at least one character from the show .For instance , my favorite character is Mini (season 3 ,generation 3)since her story is for close proximity to my story as a teenage girl (not completely alike ,of course) and I used to have the some type of behavior like her.

P.S. : I strongly don’t recommend the U.S . version of the show (its slight cope of the original)

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Sketchbook: Drawing Challenges

Sketchbook: Drawing Challenges

Sketchbook: Drawing Challenges

In order to get myself back in gear this summer and prep myself for the drawing classes I’m going to be teaching this semester at Murray State, I delved into the simple but effective EDM drawing challenges. These drawing challenges were started by artist Danny Gregory, whom I’ve been following off and on for  about 8 years now. I found his blog somehow and began promoting his books at Maple Street Book Shop, the small, independent store I worked at during my undergraduate studies at Tulane in New Orleans. Ever since I’ve checked back in now and again to be inspired by his productivity and honest commentary on daily life.

Sketchbook: Drawing Challenges

Sketchbook: Drawing Challenges

I’m also continually impressed by the community that has grown around his work, and around these drawing challenges in particular. “EDM” stands for “Every Day Matters,” which was the very book of his that I once promoted at the…

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Challenge accepted


How unbelievable ,this phrase sounds so familiar to all of us. And earlier or later ,every time we say “I will never …” ,the life/karma/destiny gives that as challenge and makes fun of us.

It’s some kind of unwritten rule , so unfair and provocative for us. It is just like someone see how comfortable you ‘re feeling  in this moment ,how everything is great and there are not stormy clouds in the sky ,and just like that without any good reason or any sense ,your “never” became “Yes , I am doing it right now and I don’t like it “.

What does this happens? What is the main point of it?

Well ,fortunetly all of us has a friend who is going to say “Everything happens for reason”. Ok, I am up to agree ,but what is the reason? Why me? Why now? While you’re sitting on the coach and wondering whether is for good or bad reason , you’re just thinking “Are you kidding me, life?” .

But whether you are agree that is for bad or good reason ,it depends entirely on your attitude .Which reminds me of this anecdote about the half full (empty) glass.

For optimist the glass is half full .

For pessimist the same glass is half empty .

…A physicist says the glass is neither. It is completely full, half with water, the other half with air.

…A realist says it doesan’t matter. It’s just gonna have to be washed later anyways.

So,empty or full? It’s your choice.

However , let’s go back to the challinge “never”,shall we?

I have some hypothesizes why this really happens to us (so adorable and kind human beings) .

First,hypothesize agree that our life is not so good and we are not so good-nature person . Therefore there is a lesson we need to learn in order to take warning by our unmoral behavior .

Second hypothesize claims that over there ,there is someone (actually I don’t believe in God) who is just so boring and need some amusement and just look down on you and think “How good it would be if you have to do something you don’t like “. Really?

Third , it might be possible If someone there has a some kind of connection (just like facebook) with us ,and everytime when someone says “Never “ there is notification . Consequently ,someone push the bottom “challenge excepted “and here we go.

Never mind, just be careful when you say “never “ and why.

Adrian vs. the World

“People don’t realize this but loneliness, it’s underrated.” No, I didn’t write it. Yes, it’s from a movie. Doesn’t make it less true.

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore (500) Days of Summer. As a film, it transcends generations through its boldfaced honesty and reaches to the hopeless romantic in each of us. Tom, the hopeful hero of the story, is a character who we all can relate to. Just like him, we’re eventually drawn to the idea of true love at some point in our lives. But that’s through no fault of our own. We’d see it in movies, hear it play on the radio, and read about it in books. We’re exposed to it at such a young age that it becomes more of a goal than our own dreams, which is pretty much what happened to Tom. He’s the only enduring human trait throughout the…

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